Seasonal Festivals

California Nuts About Spring



Nectarine and Cherry Blossoms from
Fausel Family Farm, Placerville









Betty Albert photos


“Just days ago on Feb.16 the California almond industry celebrated National Almond Day with a big campaign to get the entire nation eating one of California’s top crops.

“Don’t limit yourself to just one nut, however. California Assembly Bill 1067 approved by the governor on July 10, 2017 made the almond, pistachio, pecan and walnut all the State Nut. Yup, we grow lots of nuts in California. To say we’re a nutty bunch would be an understatement.

“Californians go nuts in Fresno County and Central Valley each spring, driving the Blossom Trail February through April. And if just looking at blossoms isn’t enough, get crazy with it at a festival where you can eat, drink and say “thanks” for the bounty.”

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