RALEY’S ONE rates a big “10”

It is amazing to me that an American supermarket would take such a big step. Years have passed since my first study of health and wellness prompted the process of getting my Naturopathy degree from Trinity College and developing a practice which included nutritional coaching and personal chefing. Trying to teach people who really were never interested in changing beliefs, attitudes or habits to achieve better health is totally frustrating. All the work I do in researching, learning and keeping current on health and wellness science is often disregarded without the offer of a magic pill or diet trend advice.

The supermarket here at El Dorado Hills has taken a big risk doing all of our dietary research for us, bringing in and labeling 70-75% organic products fully certified. What I found missing was the marketing thrust that tells us the enormous nutrition education offered in tandem with the new store. Shelf labels show icon symbols to describe organic elements present in each product. Haley Duclos, the nutrition consultant, conducts tours of the store and regular classes in the store’s Event Center on subjects such as Brain Health, Hydration, Understanding Food Labels, Banned Ingredients, Diet Trends and more.

The focus of a Raley’s ONE store is Organic-Nutrition-Education

Quick Recap of Brain Healthy Class July 1:

Haley described progressive conditions to brain health including PTSD, Bipolar, anxiety, depression, Dementia (precursor to Alzheimer’s) and stressed a proactive approach to symptoms, including the generic inherited gene Apolipoprotein (APO). Exercise (150 mins/wk.), or a combination of high/low Med physical activity (300-700mins), food choices and activity, including social interaction and stimulating hobbies, crafts, and challenging projects are essential for serotonin release, mood, memory, blood flow and brain cell regeneration. Adequate sleep, rest, and recovery help restore memories and wash away plaque. The fiber, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory importance of specific foods, such as fish, berries and “Active Form” turmeric were stressed as well as diets like  the
Mediterranean or DASH diet (Dietary approach to stop Hypertension) and the MIND diet (limiting sugar and fried food to only 1500 mg sodium – the average American uses 24-2500mg).
Aisle 7 at Raley’s ONE has a data base for customer use with researched health resources more accurate and reliable than one might find on their own. Some supplements available are gingko Gilboa, Omega 3 fatty acids and active form of Turmeric that carry FDA and/or USP, organic and non-GMO seals and recommended by your doctor/health practitioner depending on your personal health profile.
“YUKA” is a smart phone app that tells you critical chemical contents of food and cosmetic products.

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