Six Months Later …. Episode 2 The Lemons

The Vigliano family welcomes us to their Lemon Farm.

Valentina, Ida, son Luigi, Papa Vigliano. Valentina runs the hotel affairs and makes ceramics, Mama Ida cooks, makes mozzarella each morning, Papa supervises everyone, including the 2 pigs, and 2 cows that make this an authentic agritourismo farm stay. This, like so many Italian families in business, members glean continued perseverance and success from ancestorial efforts, requisitioning only the natural products of the earth and their own hard work.   Guests find their way to this relaxing hideaway from all over the world.

Luigi describes grafting process to farm guests.

Recon with the dangers of the wild orange tree.

The canopy is on purpose to protect the trees from the north wind.

We learned that the famous lemons are born from the wild orange and lemon long after a complicated grafting process described by our host Luigi, who also tutored us at lunch one day on the making of limoncello.  

The farm is a replica of grandma Vigliano’s love of flowers.

Lunch on the terrace provides a fine view of Naples under the shadow of Vesuvius.

Mama Ida makes mozzarella each morning.












Six Months Later…..Episode 1

Six months ago, after my return from the Positano trip in Italy, I was faced with the task of finding another home, smaller, more manageable and affordable. Between the finding, the organizing and downsizing, searching out the location and moving, we are glad to be settled despite the corona virus shutdown. I’ve been unable to write or do much of anything else besides “the move”.  We’ve survived the stress and disruption with hopes our vulnerability will also exclude the virus so we can get on with what lives we have left.

As the plan for our brand new back yard is taking shape, I’m reminded of the glorious grounds surrounding the villas we saw. Perhaps starting with the one in which we were lucky enough to have won a stay, Villa Magia, I want to share the views, terrace and surrounds. If you can survive the 180 stairs to and from the town below, there is a street scene to visit.

Shops and Ceramics abound.

Breathtaking views from the Villa

A boutique hotel with every luxury.

Breakfast on the terrace with views.

Dawn view of cliff dwellers.

One of many ancient saracen outpost lookout towers.

Breakfast served on the terrace.