From One Foodie to Another



“We love your recipes,” I’ve heard.  But I don’t know which ones, in particular, or why they would appeal to you.  What this blogger needs is info…….I’m a journalist at heart always on the lookout for who, what, when, where and why, so bear with me.  I’ve tried the survey monkey-business and learned it ends up in your spam.

I grew up in a chef’s home with whole food, developed my own skill set in that direction, eventually getting my N.D. majoring in Nutrition.  My businesses included catering, farmers market participation, food demos, and lots of life experience honing my crafts of healthy cooking and organic gardening.  Now is the time for me to give back, and do I ever have a warehouse full!

I’m presuming you’ve tuned in because you’re something of a foodie, so please help me with a homemade survey of my own, because I truly want to improve my blog (my ultimate book) and what I do.  If you take time to think about the questions, we might get more heart-felt answers, and that’s what I would really appreciate!

  1.  WHAT is it about food you love the most  (growing it, shopping, preparing it,
    sharing, eating, preserving, or your answers go below, please try for one or two choices at most).
  2. What information on other blog sites or the internet is it you love to read and use?  Specifics, if you can, please!
  3. What information on my blog appeals to you most and why?   Examples?
  4. What further would you like most to see (farmer stories, food history, food prep instruction, recipes (what, which), events and festivals, environment articles, food content articles)?    Please add your own suggestions…..and thank you for participating!

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