Organic Braised Greens

with Organic Beans, Whole Grains and Uncured Sausage, Serves 4-6

There’s nothing like an unexpected blustery evening with this warming mix of healthy foods. Braising greens brought home from the farmers market cook right up into a hearty taste treat for dinner! Read more….below.

5-6 cloves garlic, minced
1 leek, small (or shallot/red onion), chopped fine
2-4 strips of cooked uncured bacon, chopped
a colander full of snipped or cut braising greens (baby cabbage, mustard greens, bok choy, chard, radish leaves, etc.)
2-4 T EACH extra virgin olive oil and BRAGG’S LIQUID AMINOS*
Uncured, organic, fully cooked sausage (optional), cut into coins (Teton Waters Beef Thuringer is 100% grass-fed Beef)
Whole Grain organic packet (Seeds of Change makes one to simply heat)
Organic 15 oz can white beans, drained and rinsed
1 oz Lindcove Ranch Candied Blood Orange Peel, or similar homemade variety, chopped, then minced.

In large skillet, drizzle olive oil and sauté garlic quickly, about one minute.

 Add onion, bacon and sauté two minutes.

Add your mountain of chopped greens, one handful at a time, stirring continually.
Add more olive oil, a drizzle of lemon juice and liquid aminos about half way through.

 When greens have wilted completely, push to side of pan and add sausage. Let brown.
Add packet of whole grains, then the beans, cover to let steam, 2 minutes.

 Mix greens together with other ingredients in the pan.
Stir in finely minced candied orange peel and…

.you’re ready to serve!

 Seem too involved? This recipe incorporates many of the organic foods we have adopted. It’s amazing, once you start thinking All Organic, how you find products with
no hormones, no antibiotics, no feedlot, made without chemical additives, additives and
really toxic preservatives like nitrites and nitrates. Farmers Markets are a good bet, but
supermarkets are picking up on the increase in consumer demand for Healthy Please, too. The candied blood orange peel I found at a farmers market was a boon! All the ones I’ve seen in supermarkets are not chemical free. Adding whole grains not only reduces the sugar spike in traditional carbohydrates, they provide healthy digestion, vitamins, minerals and immunity factors your body will enjoy.

Take this a step further, and make it a soup by adding homemade bone-broth or other stock.

*Bragg’s Liquid Aminos is an all-purpose seasoning from Soy Protein, a natural soy sauce alternative with less sodium, no preservatives, Non-GMO.

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