Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza…even multi-grain

From: Italy Magazine

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I was in a quandary since we are headed for Naples, the birthplace of the “magic Italian Pie”. Where is the best one going to be located for us to try?  Italy Magazine synchronistically came up with an answer or two, along with a recipe you might want to try.

“Overall, Campania is still at the top with 19 award-winning pizzerie, and we shouldn’t be too surprised since the region is considered the birthplace of pizza (Napoli).

Pizza of the year is ‘Oceano’ by the Salvo brothers of Naples, made with fiordilatte, buffalo ricotta flavored with algae, smoked amberjack, pink pepper, lemon zest, Muraglia smoked oil.

“On restaurant menus you’ll often find thin crust pizzas or Neapolitan style pizzas (which are smaller and thicker) baked in wood fire brick ovens where the temperatures arrive up to 800°F. Home ovens don’t arrive at these high temperatures and will therefore be softer and fluffier unless using a pizza stone where you can easily obtain a thin and crispy pizza.

“Highly refined white flours and brewer’s yeast are traditionally used for pizzas, but currently there is a new trend in Italy towards pizzas made with ancient grains like Kamut© and spelt and lievito madre—sourdough starter.”


Summer Zucchini Pizza


It’s the season, they are everywhere and can be used in sautés, cakes, muffins, ragouts, stews, soups and now……..PIZZA!


Round pizza pan
1 large globe zucchini
sm. disk of Brie or other melting cheese, thinly sliced
2T  fresh chopped herbs (thyme, basil, lemon balm, etc.)
3T tomato paste
I sheet puff pastry rolled out
Pepper and lemon zest to sprinkle

Slice zucchini into thin rounds and place on paper towels to absorb moisture. Sprinkle liberally with salt and place weighted paper towel on top. Allow to sit 30 mins. Press out moisture with another towel if necessary.

Place dry zucchini rounds on sprayed/greased pizza pan, overlapping if necessary. Place small dollops of tomato paste all around, then slices of cheese, a sprinkle of pepper and lemon zest, and fresh herbs (salt is already in the cheese and zucchini). Lay puff pastry sheet over all to cover. Bake in 400º oven 30 mins. until pastry and zucchini begin to brown.  Allow to cool slightly. Loosen with spatula (though it will flip easily). Place another round pizza pan or serving dish over the pizza and flip in one quick motion. Additional grated cheese or seasoning can be added before serving. Buon gusto!