Little Known Cocktail Trivia


Just short of 90 proof, Angostura bitters is now available on tap in Chicago’s Best Intentions bar (best patio bar in 2015). Who drinks that stand-by dash provision to the Old-Fashioned? By itself? Bartenders world-wide apparently are consistently searching for the new, unusual, best and most creative uses of ingredients to start trends, please customers, become famous and of course, make money


The Italian tradition of aperitivo helped bring The Spritz (a low alcohol mix of Aperol, soda water and prosecco)  to every part of the globe this past summer.  Notorious for their innovative ability in the benchwarmer camp, Italian cocktails have been created by artists, travelers, writers and musicians for centuries. Take one of scores of examples–the Giostra d’Alcol (carousel of alcohol”) – a 1930’s outcome in Turin during the Futurist movement. It featured Campari, Barbera d’Asti wine and a citron-infused soda, garnished with semi-hard cheese and bitter chocolate.

Of course gin-shaking experts are quick to make their own versions, call it something else, and a new drink is born. The Milano-Torino is a 1860’s idea that includes the maker’s birthplace and town that got descended into the Americano (not the coffee drink) but a simple expat answer to the Prohibition of Campari, sweet vermouth and soda water, and more historical than popular.

For more trivia, hard evidence and recipes, go to:

In his website “The Spruce Eats”, you’ll find what to plant, how and why to use different herbs, and what they’ll do for your favorite cocktail.

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