Where have all my flowers gone?


That’s it deer. Feast upon the summer bounty of delectable flowers, tasty shrubs and tempting trees. This year, the resident deer in the neighborhood are more than tame, coming as close as my outstretched hand, but yet to nibble from it. Several seasons ago, mama dropped her newborn in the corner of our front porch. Now, they come right to the door, and I swear, if it was open, they would walk right in.


This year, we were blessed with two sets of twins, and as you see, mama has told them our hospitality outweighs all others. I call our yard “The Garden of Eaten”. Over the years, I’ve learned to plant “deer resistant”, however, when they are hungry, they eat everything, even those plants termed “deer proof”. I know they deerly appreciate the water I leave out for them.  I’m told that finely cut melon rinds are their favorite, but of course, we don’t feed them you know it’s against the law.

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