UNTOURS….the way to GO

If you haven’t seen my new webpages yet, take a look! Green Chef Press has switched over to now that writing has taken over the travelscape; but never fear, I’ll still be writing about food, farming and organic living. And, if you haven’t heard of Untours (our favorite travel stays), be advised of its “locally savvy insights for the globally conscious traveler”.

Since 1975, Untours helps tourists with local contacts, self-catering apartments and a thorough orientation for the independent traveler. Our experience with them has cemented a relationship. Today, I’ll be joining their blog team with travel stories (the first one on 2-7 is about the Marble Caves in Carrara, Italy). Take a look at their worldwide site of destinations and services  then skip on over and sign up for the blog to see some dandy posts like the one Sandra just put on:

This is the second post in a series by author and Untourist Sandra Kohler on her eye-opening travels on an Alsace Untour. Read her first post, about the vineyards and wines of Alsace, here.

Fair Trade is one of the many models Untours Foundation invests in to address poverty. Read about their Foundation and how they made Media, Pa. the first fair trade town in the U.S.  

Read about Untours destinations, request a catalog, or call 888 868 6871 for your chance to experience a dream vacation.


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