International Food Blogger Confab II

2017 IFBC badgeHighlights from the conference held in Sacramento, CA. Sept. 28-30, 2017 must include the hardworking vendor from San Francisco Bay Coffee Co. who stood by with free uplifting brew every hour of the day!

logo.pngTheir words say it best:

“Our approach to farming, milling, roasting, packaging and selling coffee is different than any other company. By going straight to source, we are able to focus on farming innovations that preserve natural habitats, yielding a better tasting product. We focus on packaging improvements to reduce the environmental impact even further and we constantly focus on quality control. All of this combined, improves the lives of everyone we do business with.”

Another vendor whose lengthy and extensive presentation was noteworthy was Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged, the Product of Italy so often found gracing you gourmet dinner salad. But their products are many, including jam, and their site is an education in itself on how the vinegar is made. http://www.modenafinefoods.com/featured/balsamic-vinegar-of-modena/

img01-1.jpgNow let me brag about the city who hosted the event, most fitting since they are America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital and proving it every day.  https://www.farmtofork.com/  visit their home page to see how.  And don’t forget to visit the State Capitol and all that the rest of this city has to offer.


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