Seeds for Spring

Sounds like a book title, but no, it was to be a video.  Then I find out I have to upgrade this site to post videos.  The forthcoming rains predicted are a good reason not to plant directly into the garden containers.   So here is the set up in photos, instead.

The shoe bag is a terrific idea because it does not leak, you can hang it wherever it gets good light, and watering is a simple matter of a squirt now and then with a water bottle.  The dirt is organic seed starting mix that was first well mixed with water, an important step. It cannot be too wet or too dry.  Some seeds (the package read) need light to germinate, so I didn’t cover again with a bit of mix. I didn’t fill the pockets but half-way, good thing, because it was heavy enough!

The other containers on the right came from store-bought produce, oven-ready chicken or regular seed starter trays.  The trays collect any water dripping out, and I don’t plan to over water the other containers which do not have drain holes. The covers keep the humidity and moisture just about right. These containers all have greens: kale, lettuces, parsley, arugula, and the like.  The seeds for root vegetables are going into the ground tomorrow, 2/13, since they are sensitive to transplanting.   I’ll keep you posted!

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