International Gold Panning Competition

http://www.eldorado2016.com/  The Placerville Fairgrounds was a-buzz with visitors, competitors, vendors, and golf carts darting to and fro on missions of every description to keep everyone happy. Most of the day was a waiting game: for the spectators and compimg_1297etitors alike, until their turn came to pan. italiandelegateswait

The Italian delegates were enthusiastic and Uncle Fuzzy and friends look quite relaxed.
Joyce Mason and Rich (UncleFuzzy) Mason were instrumental in helping  plan this year’s international competition, went abroad to meet with other countries, and together with Fred Ott,Janine D’Agostini, and Kara Adema headed up the enormous county-wide committee necessary to accomplish this event.mensproficient-team1
Delegates from dozens of nations participated with onlookers cheered them on. Once the panning began, competitors dumped the dirt, panned in the water they stood in, much the same as miners did in the 1800’s, and kept panning until they found the gold nuggets that had been inserted in the dirt, every bucket the same amount of dirt and gold.

img_1300You had to find every nugget and put it in the vial. Competitors were judged on speed and efficiency of finding the nuggets.  A long line of winners in many categories will be announced at the awards ceremonies on Sunday evening.

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