Tasty Tomatoes ARE in!

If it’s Labor Day the chances are pretty good that tomatoes are available and in demand.   Ingomar Packing is one of the biggest tomato processing companies in the Central Valley / Los Banos area. A typical tomato truck holds 50,000 pounds of tomatoes, which is about 300,000 tomatoes. California is the nation’s largest producer of processed tomatoes, accounting for 96% of U.S. output and one-third of the fresh crop.

BUT, you don’t need to wait for that long distance tomato truck to arrive!  Hit your local farmers markets and find some that were picked this morning, probably organic, not sprayed, handled, packaged, stored, refrigerated, crushed in the truck, etc.

PVILLE F.MKTThat same farmer can tell you tips for use, storage, preserving, and making a fantastic tomatillo salsa!


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